Do not buy AirPods on Avito

I decided to get rid of AirPods. I do not use the last three months, I wear other headphones for a long time.

I went to put them on Avito, looked at other people’s ads on the sale of airbags. And still laughing.

90 percent of ads, if not more – fakes. And not open fakes, with a warning and all that.

No, on Avito, the “left” AirPods are issued as real ones and have the audacity to put the price a la on the original .

Want examples? Hundreds of them

The logical price of second-generation used AirPods is 7-10 thousand rubles. New now cost about 13-15 thousand rubles .

Randomly take three ads, grab his head.



I sell mongrel Apple headphones in perfect condition. Without damage. Everything works very cool! Complete set. Bought from less than a year ago.

In the photo, a 100% fake case is issued by its protruding button and another metal of the lid holder.

Also the “left” box – the liner on which the case should lie, glitters. A must be matte, like cardboard.

But you see, “it works very cool,” they used “a whole year.” Cool story.



Original Apple Wireless Headphones. Perfect condition. There are no defects and chips. I bought less than a year ago for 13.990. The condition of the case is excellent. Charging hold excellent. Reason for sale – donated AirPods 2

I hope the creator of the ad was “presented” with fake AirPods too. All fake guarantees are there: a shiny box insert, a curved button on the back of the case. Another case glare, as if covered with nail polish. New original, though shiny, but not at all.

Yes, and the metal of the lid holder is also not the same. In short, leftist.



Hello, I sell the original headphones. Included box, paper). Case and headphones in full performance, good condition.

There is nothing original in these “airpods”. The box is inflated with a curved liner, muddy L / R inscriptions on the base of the headphones, a round sensor on the inside of the earphone is pressed into the case (and must be “fused” on the same level as the white plastic).

And it will buy someone.


Do not buy AirPods on Avito


A liner with a crooked font, the lining in the box shines again … And, stop. This is Savelovsky . Well, everything is clear.

If you see Bagrationovskaya, Savelovsky and so on in the address field, by no means buy AirPods there. Yes, and iPhones. And generally anything.

I will not continue, you already understand everything.

There is nothing to say about announcements of sale below 5 thousand rubles at all – it’s 100% fake, because Apple’s original headphones are stupid to sell for such a price. In whatever condition they are.

Want original AirPods? be careful

All three ads in a row on Avito – fake AirPods.

If there are no photos of the back side of the case and the insides of the box in the ad – NO . Stories about the date of sale, originality, and so on in the description do not need to believe.

Real AirPods are unlikely to cost less than 7 thousand rubles, and not just like that: for example, with a tortured case or three years in use (like mine).

By the way, I know the Telegram channel , where you can buy original AirPods and other equipment for adequate money. A little more expensive Avito, but no divorce.

And thirdly, it is better not to buy any AirPods, than to take even a 100% exact copy . They sound disgusting, I speak from experience.

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