Apple increased download limit from the App Store and other stores on the cellular network from 150 to 200 megabytes

True, this does not change the situation.

Screenshot 9to5Mac

Apple raised the limit on downloading files from its own stores on iOS. Now users can download applications, games, videos, podcasts, movies from iTunes and not only up to 200 megabytes at a time. This was noticed in 9to5Mac.

The limit was increased by 50 megabytes – previously it was 150 MB. If the file size exceeds 200 MB, the system, as before, will not allow downloading it over the cellular connection.

Initially, the limit should help users inadvertently not exceed the tariff limit by downloading a large game or application. But in recent years, the restriction is often called “stupid”, because Apple does not give users the choice: the limit cannot be changed on its own or the download continues despite it. At the same time, the limits apply to all iOS owners regardless of the countries in which they are located and which tariff plans they use.

9to5Mac suggested that the best way out of the situation would be to simply warn the user about downloading a large file and let them decide for themselves. According to the authors, even users with low traffic may occasionally need to download large applications over the cellular network.

The last time Apple increased its network load limit in September 2017. Then the company lowered the limit from 100 to 150 megabytes.

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