Uber will refuse to travel to passengers with a low rating in the US and Canada

Drivers of the company have long been blocked for a low rating.

Uber will begin to disconnect from the system of passengers, whose rating will fall well below the city average. This was reported by the company in its blog.

New rules will apply only in the United States and Canada. The company did not specify which passenger rating would be considered extremely low. For drivers, this threshold was determined to be 4.6 points, according to the data leaked in 2015.

Before blocking, the client will have the opportunity to improve his rating. In 2016, the company gave passengers recommendations to maintain the rating: for example, do not be late, do not ask the driver to exceed the speed, do not litter and do not drink alcohol in the car.

In 2017, Uber launched a function in the app, thanks to which users from Canada and the USA could find out the reasons for low ratings. If, within 30 days, the drivers indicated the same reason twice, the passenger received a notification about it.

Representatives of Yandex.Taxi and Uber Russia commented on  that now in both applications passenger ratings are not displayed, but will be visible in the future.

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