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Infinity Ward officially announced the new Call of Duty series.

The exit of the fighter is scheduled for October 25. And its name – Modern Warfare.

Infinity Ward returns to the roots of its most popular intra-series franchise, recreating its due in the upcoming remake of Modern Warfare. In the two-minute trailer, fans of the franchise can see the famous captain Price, the protagonist of the three original Modern Warfare games. No links to the Modern Warfare 3 storyline are mentioned.

According to Infinity Ward creative director Patrick Kelly, during the story campaign, the player will be able to manage the units of various special-purpose groups from several countries. As in the original series, part of the campaign will describe the history of hostilities in the Middle East.

Also in the game are not assumed to be explicit antagonists. The authors give it to the mercy of the players, who themselves will decide which of all the characters will be the bad guy. On the demo gameplay presented to the journalists, one could see a few minutes of the plot: the terrorists attack the center of London, and the CIA agents storm the terrorists’ safe house. One of the ambiguous characters will be a Russian general, acting on the territory of a Middle Eastern country in the name of the fight against terrorism. Such ambiguous characters will be, including from the United States and other countries.

As the developers say, the game will work on a completely new engine, allowing the player to feel the new “exciting and photo-realistic” gaming experience. ” The game will use modern visual effects, such as photogrammetry, volumetric illumination of the world, HDR, 4K and reatressing on a PC. The gameplay will receive a significant variety, in comparison with the previous games of the series, the mechanics will have similar features to the game SWAT4: the player will have the opportunity to gently clean the premises by shooting a hole in the door and throwing a grenade at her. The mechanics of the shootings themselves were also subject to change, adding more realism and an emphasis on shooting tactics.

In addition, PS4 and PC players will be able to compete with each other in a specially created lobby, but nothing was said about the support of the game between PS4 and XboX One.

The game will be released on PS4, XboX One and PC platforms on October 25th.

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