A resident of Magadan created a website with real-time display of the city’s debts and the mayor’s income.

On the site you can see how the debt of the region and the city grows against the background of the mayor’s income, which grows at a rate of about 10 kopecks per second.

Site screenshot 

In Magadan, local photographer and blogger Alexander Bagno created a website where you can observe in real time how fast the city’s debts are growing and at the same time the income of its mayor, Yuri Grishan, increases. Reports about it Znak.

There are 2 sections on the Bagno website – one informs about the population of Magadan, the total amount of urban debt that the blogger decided to convert to grams of Kolyma gold, as well as the line about the mayor’s income from the date of appointment, which is constantly growing.

According to Znak, according to Bagno, at the end of May Magadan’s debt is approaching two billion rubles. The blogger also calculated how much debt is owed to each resident of the city, at the time of writing this note was about 21 thousand rubles.

In the second section of the site is informed about the debt of the Magadan region, which exceeded 16.5 billion rubles. According to Bagno, if we divide this amount into all the inhabitants of the region, it turns out that each of them, as of the end of May, owes almost 105 thousand rubles.

The creator of the site told the publication “Extreme” that these data are given by modeling based on official statistics and are rather approximate.

Yuri Grishin took office as mayor of the city in November 2015. According to the site, during this time he earned about 15 million rubles. Journalists Znak clarified that the author of the site could also create a line with the income of the Kolyma governor Sergei Nosov, who was elected in September 2018, but the publication considered that Bagno simply could not find information about it.

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