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The Pokémon Company has announced a new game about Pokemon – you need to get enough sleep to win

Congratulations, you lost.

Frame from Pokemon Sleep trailer

The Pokémon Company (one of the developers of the popular game Pokémon Go) released the Pokemon Sleep app. This is an interactive game where users can earn points through long and healthy sleep. This was reported by Reuters from the company’s conference.

As the developers said, the concept of Pokémon Sleep is to support players in wanting to sleep more. The application will monitor the phases of the host’s sleep and give him the appropriate points. The trailer showed the Pokemon Go Plus Plus device, which looks like a flat pokeball: it tracks sleep phases using an accelerometer and transmits to a smartphone via Bluetooth.

Screen capture with the first Pokemon Sleep trailer

Exit Pokémon Sleep is scheduled for 2020. As noted by journalists, gamification of sleep will allow developers to become part of the growing market for health applications. For example, the new Apple Watch will have the same sleep tracking function: it determines the number of hours, the quality, and the time when the user goes to bed.

The Pokemon Company gained fame in 2016 as one of the developers of Pokémon Go – a game of catching pokemon in reality, which gained great popularity around the world. As explained by Bloomberg, Nintendo has only a small fraction (about a third) in The Pokémon Company: the main game developer is Niantic Labs.

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