Reddit user ordered and received a not yet announced Motorola smartphone. He appeared on Amazon ahead of time

Leaks of information about new phones are reaching a new level.

In early May, social networks published a leak about a new Motorola smartphone called Moto Z4. On May 27, the device accidentally appeared on Amazon – it was put up in the online store before the official announcement. Despite this, the user of Reddit under the name JETFIRE007 was able to order and receive a phone, the existence of which Motorola had never announced.

Amazon soon deleted the page with Moto Z4, but the device was still delivered to the buyer by mail. JETFIRE007 videotaped the unpacking of the smartphone and shared his impressions about the yet unannounced model. He also answered questions from Reddit users about the device.

User Reddit purchased for $ 500 “Amazon-version” of a smartphone with pre-installed services of the company. Otherwise, its Moto Z4 should not differ much from the device that Motorola is announcing in the future. Therefore, JETFIRE007 published all the characteristics of the phone, which appeared on Amazon.

The author of the review called the work of the system the only noticeable drawback: he ran into bugs and autofocus problems on the camera. The Verge publication suggested that the matter was in “pre-release software”.

Motorola representatives did not comment on the incident. The date of the official announcement of the Moto Z4 is unknown.

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