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“Chernobyl” from HBO as one of the most talked about TV shows in social networks around the world

The highest-rated series in the history of IMDb is praised, played up in jokes, and even suspected of being ordered by Rosatom.

On June 4, the Chernobyl mini-series, an HBO project about the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in 1986, the first days after the explosion, the aftermath of the consequences and the attempts of the Soviet leadership to hide information about the disaster, will end. The first four episodes received high marks from critics and viewers, and people after watching the series began to look forsomething else to see and read about the accident. 

After the release of the third series, Chernobyl became the most highly-rated TV show in the history of IMDb. By May 29, his average user rating is 9.6 points out of 10. Near persecutors: the documentary film “Planet Earth 2” (9.5), “Brothers in Arms” (9.4), “Breaking Bad” (9, 4) and “Game of Thrones” (9.4).

The first three episodes of the show were rated by 9.7 points, the fourth – by 9.5 points. It should be borne in mind that about 75 thousand people voted for Chernobyl. Other TV shows have been rated by a lot more people.

The HBO project is not just given high marks – it is actively discussed all over the Internet. The mini-series has caused a sharp jump in the number of requests “Chernobyl” in Google. According to Google Trends, in May 2019, users around the world typed the query “Chernobyl” several times more often than ever.

After each series in social networks there are admiring reviews about the new HBO project. Spectators praise first of all the atmosphere of the series – oppressive, bordering the genre of horror and conveying the author’s vision of what happened during the Chernobyl accident.

Western critics hold a similar opinion. Chernobyl has 96% positive reviews of Rotten Tomatoes, and the site’s editorial team calls the series “one of the most frightening TV shows in history.”

Everyone needs to watch “Chernobyl” from HBO. There was nothing like that on television. Each episode amazingly shows the horrors that came with this disaster, and the inspiring power of those who gave everything to prevent the situation from worsening.

“Chernobyl” – the most convincing and intense series, which I have seen over the years, and, perhaps, in my whole life

You understand that everything is bad when you use the Chernobyl show as an escape from reality

HBO’s “Chernobyl” is incredible. Television at its best

The mini-series about the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant is also praised by celebrities – from director John Carpenter to streamer Ninja.

HBO’s “Chernobyl” is great! Scary and real. Great game of Jared Harris and Stellan Skarsgard. You should watch this show!

Watching “Chernobyl” … God, I can not believe that this actually happened

Shownerner and screenwriter of the project – American Craig Mazin. Prior to Chernobyl, he worked on films such as “Bachelor Party 2”, “Scary Movie 3”, “Scary Movie 4”, “Superhero Movie” and “Catch a Fat Woman If You Can.” “I’ve been doing comedy for a long time, and I like it. But “Chernobyl” better reflects me, my interest in science, the world and human nature, ” explained Mazin, changing the genre.

The script writer decided to tackle Chernobyl in 2013 when he accidentally stumbled upon an article about the accident and realized that he did not know much: “I knew that an explosion had occurred at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, but why did this happen? We know why the Titanic sank, but why did the Chernobyl bombing happen? ” Mazin began to study the materials about the accident and realized that there are many events and personalities in history that could be told in the series.

After each series of “Chernobyl” Mazin appears on Twitter. He shares his impressions, tells the details of filming and communicates with the audience.

[Before the first series] Dear friends. We made “Chernobyl” with all the love and respect for the people who went through it. Watching will not always be easy, each episode will be slightly different from the previous one. And we ask you to be attentive. I hope you find the show worthy. thank

[Immediately after the fourth series] I know that it was hard. But there is no confusion here — the story of the liquidators is real. This is what happened. And in fact, we have softened the real story. War leaves scars of various kinds. There were things that these people were ordered to do.

Russian-speaking users of social networks are also discussing “Chernobyl”. And one of the frequent thoughts: “We should have shot it.”

There were in the series and opponents. For example, Dmitry Steshin, a correspondent of Komsomolskaya Pravda, published an article about Chernobyl . He criticized the show for factual errors, and also hinted that the series was released specifically for the attack on the Rosatom company, which competes with the Americans.

The territory of the European Union, according to analysts, will become the main place of competition between nuclear giants. Now, for example, windy Bulgaria cannot decide whether to eat a Rosatom berry for it or climb the Westinghouse tree?

And here, all over the world suddenly show the creepy and horror series “Chernobyl”. About how wild, stupid and careless Russians staged an unprecedented ecological disaster in Europe with the help of their reactors. […]

Nothing personal, just business. Business is very profitable, global scale.Dmitry Steshin”TVNZ”

In the sets they did not share the position of Steshin.

No one: . Russian war correspondent Steshin: ““ CHERNOBYL ”- WESTERN SCENARIO AGAINST“ ROSATOMA ””

Despite periodic criticism of factual errors and cranberries, in general, Chernobyl is praised for the attention to detail and authenticity of the Soviet past. In social networks often pay attention to the input into the plot of many real people associated with the accident at the nuclear power plant and the elimination of its consequences.

Also, some scenes from the series almost frame by frame reproduce the true chronicle of those years.

These three people saved millions of inhabitants of the planet.

Russian hockey journalist Slava Malamud launched the English-language thread, in which he highly appreciated the efforts of the creators of the show on the transfer of atmosphere and surroundings of 1986. Traig was repeatedly noted by Craig Mazin himself.

Just finished watching the first episode of Chernobyl. Here is my point of view as a person born and raised in the USSR. A man who has vivid memories of 1986, a catastrophe and how it was covered by Soviet politicians and the media

This is really the key to the series’s magic, at least for me. “Chernobyl” is not only more realistic than any Western project about Russia. It is more realistic than anything that the Russians themselves have ever done about themselves, at least on this topic. I do not exaggerate

The screenshot is not only a real Soviet car with Soviet numbers. These numbers have the correct two-letter code (KH), corresponding to the Kiev region, where Pripyat is located. This is absolutely fanatical attention to detail, which makes the “Chernobyl” show rethinking the genre

As with any popular film and TV series, it was not without its jokes in the sets. The main meme of “Chernobyl” was the expression “3.6 X-rays per hour” – this is how much the dosimeter in the series shows radiation in the first hours of the accident, despite the fact that in fact the figure is ten times higher.

There is only 3.6 X-rays

* I look at “Chernobyl” * “There are not 3 X-rays here, but 15 thousand X-rays” * I, pretending to understand what this means *

The inscription on the poster: “You do not see graphite on the ground, because it is not there! Change my opinion “

My dog ​​next to me during the fourth series of “Chernobyl”

The fourth series of “Chernobyl” without context

“God, Misha, this is not a stone! 
You hold 400 million x-rays. ”

Chernobyl began on HBO amid the completion of another channel show, Game of Thrones. This topic was also played up in jokes.

I am furious about the last season of “Game of thrones” – “Chernobyl” – HBO

The finals of “Chernobyl” will piss off many people when they see Bran become the head of the USSR

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