Energy companies and banks in Ukraine attacked analog WannaCry

The networks of Ukrenergo and DTEK, the largest energy companies in Ukraine, were infected with a new form of encryption virus resembling WannaCry . 

According to the source, on June 27, his computer rebooted at work, after which the system allegedly began checking the hard disk. After that, he saw that the same thing happened on all computers in the office: “I realized that the attack was on, cut down my computer, and when I turned it on, there was already a red inscription about bitcoin and money.”

The message that appears on the computer screen (the same everywhere) says that the files on the hard disk are encrypted, and to decrypt them, you need to send $ 300 to the address of a bitcoin wallet. At the time of writing this wallet was empty .

The company ordered to turn off all computers until the end of the day. According to the source, the attack also affected DTEK, which includes Kyivenergo: they allegedly ordered to turn off the network in order to stop the infection. The press service of the company confirmed the fact of the attack.

The source claims that the main office of Ukrenergo also managed to turn off the network and avoid infection, but its units are completely infected. Divisions “Ukrhydroenergo”, for example, the Kiev hydroelectric station and the plant, are not affected, the source said.

The National Bank of Ukraine warned banks and other companies of the financial sector about the ongoing attack: “As a result of these cyber attacks, these banks experience difficulties in servicing clients and carrying out banking operations.” The source of the publication “” claims that the attack affected “Pivdenny Bank”, “Tascombank”, “Ukrgasbank” and “Oschadbank”, as well as “Ukrpochta”.

In the Ukrainian logistics company “New Mail” suspended activity due to a virus attack. According to its representatives, we are talking about the Petya.A virus: it encrypts the main file table of the hard disk and requires money for decryption, explained Alexander Litreyev , an IT expert.

In December 2016, Ukrenergo was attacked with another virus known as Industroyer. As a result, one fifth of the population of Kiev was temporarily left without electricity.

Ukrenergo is a state-owned company controlled by the Ministry of Fuel of Ukraine. DTEK is a private company founded by businessman Rinat Akhmetov. Both are the largest electricity suppliers in the country’s power grid.

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