The future has come! Moving across the sky “train” from the satellites Elon Musk was captured on video from Earth

On May 24, SpaceX, the American entrepreneur and inventor Elon Musk, launched into orbit the first group of satellites designed to provide global access to the Internet. Tonight, a “train” moving across the sky was filmed in the Irbitsky District of the Sverdlovsk Region. Having lined up in a long row, bright dots make their way along the Earth’s orbit – a fascinating sight. The recording publishes the telegram channel “U_news: the raging world.”

The goal of the Starlink Elon Musk project is to cover the entire globe with satellite Internet and become a powerful infrastructure provider. Now there are 60 Starlink satellites in Earth orbit. This is only a small part of the grouping, which in the coming years should grow to 12,000 devices.

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