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Photo: Albino Panda in the Chinese Reserve

The scientist believes that the genetic mutation did not affect the life of the animal.

Albino Panda Photos

In the Chinese Wenchuan Oolong Nature Reserve in Sichuan province, an albino panda was noticed, Xinhua reports . According to the agency, the panda hit the cameras in mid-April.

According to the South China Morning Post, this is the first image of an albino panda.

At the time of the shooting, the panda was walking through the forest. On her body there are no black spots, the eyes of the animal are red. According to researcher Lee Chen, a panda is about a year or two. Gender of the animal is unknown.

The panda looked strong, her steps were steady – this is an indication that the genetic mutation did not greatly affect the life of the animal.

Lee Chenresearcher

According to Chen, if an albino panda and an ordinary panda have offspring, the cubs will still be black and white. However, in subsequent generations, an albino can be born, since they will have the corresponding gene.

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