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Durov accused the Russian authorities of an attempt to hack Telegram of Ural journalists

He recalled the need for two-step authentication.

Pavel Durov said that the Russian authorities tried to hack Telegram accounts of Russian journalists covering protests in Yekaterinburg.

Durov also recalled the need for two-step authentication.

Today, the Russian authorities attempted to crack [the accounts] of four journalists who were covering protests in Yekaterinburg. Fortunately, attempts failed through two-step authentication.

Pavel Durov

Previously, the attempt to hack their accounts-Telegram told the chief editor Dmitry Kolezev, chief editor of the agency “Between the Lines” from Nizhny Tagil Natalia Vakhonin, the author of the channel “The main channel of Yekaterinburg” Andrew Varkentin, chief editor Olshannikov Anton, Director Magic Inc communication agency Platon Mamatov, Medusa journalist Dmitry Andreev and MBH Media correspondent and Radio Liberty in the Pskov region Lyudmila Savitskaya.

Kolezev, Varkentin and Vakhonin said they would not go to the police because they did not see the point.

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