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A British tourist died while climbing Everest. He became the tenth dead since the beginning of May

One of the reasons for the death of tourists is the line to the top of the mountain.

Queue on Everest Photo AFP

A resident of the UK, 44-year-old Robin Haynes Fisher, died 45 minutes after climbing to the top of Mount Everest, reports the BBC. According to the newspaper, the mountaineer died after he felt unwell 150 meters from the top.

The Briton became the tenth person to die on Everest in the spring season, which began on May 14th. The guides tried to help Fisher after he “suddenly fell.”

During the week on Everest, 56-year-old Irishman David Hines, four people from India, one from Nepal, one American and one Austrian, as well as another Irishman who allegedly fell from the mountain also died.

On May 22, more than 200 people climbed the mountain and a queue formed to the top, wrote “Medusa”. Probably because of the lineup two people died – 55-year-old American Donald Cash and 54-year-old Indian citizen Anjali Kulkarni. They died while descending from the summit at an altitude of more than 8 thousand meters – the tourists lost a lot of strength while waiting, and also got stuck in the queue again during the descent. Guides claimed that Kulkarni died “from exhaustion.”

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