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Vice: Snapchat employees have abused access to personal information about users

Employees of the company have access to photos, phone numbers and email addresses of users.

Snapchat employees used the program to spy on users. With the SnapLion tool, workers can access geolocation, saved photos, phone numbers and email addresses. This was reported by Vice edition with reference to four former and one current employee of the company.

  • SnapLion provides access to phone numbers, email addresses, as well as photos and videos that disappear 24 hours after publication in the social network. A former employee said that the tool provides “keys to the kingdom”;
  • Initially, the program was created in order to collect and provide information about the users of the police or the court;
  • The current employee suggested that the tool is used to resist the bulling and harassment on the platform;
  • Former employees have confirmed that SnapLion has access to a team engaged in solving problems with spam and malicious content on the social network. Access to SnapLion is also available at the client operations support center and at the company’s security service;
  • The publication received access to e-mails, according to which the employee abused SnapLion to find the user’s e-mail address for personal purposes;
  • Former employees confirmed that access to SnapLion was abused by different workers at different times and used a tool to spy on users. The publication could not figure out exactly how the Snapchat employees accessed user information.
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