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Unknown climbed into the house of an American, but did not steal anything. He cleaned, washed the bathroom and left a souvenir

The owner, just in case, still called the police.

Nate Roman, owner of the house Photo WBZ-TV

A resident of Marlborough (Massachusetts) went to the police because someone broke into his house while he was at work. His house was not robbed, not destroyed, and nothing was spoiled – an unknown person cleaned up the rooms, cleaned the bathroom and left a souvenir. This was reported by the local TV channel CBS Boston.

“I came and felt something was wrong. It smelled of cleaning products, ”said the owner of the house, Nate Roman. He looked around the rooms and noticed washed floors, wiped shelves, and a washed bathroom. In the backyard of the house there was a bag of garbage, which was collected by an unknown burglar.

I must say that the bathroom and toilet were cleaned very well. My son’s room never looked better. She became like new.
Nate Romanhome owner

Roman suggested that a cleaning lady from a neighboring house came to him by mistake, because he had left the back door open. For example, a souvenir remained in the toilet – a rosette of toilet paper, which professional housemaids usually make. “The only thing he or she did not remove the kitchen, which is a little disappointing,” added the owner.

Rose left by the burglar in the toilet

The police talked to several neighbors and no one said that he had seen suspicious people near the house. According to Roman, the staff will not conduct an investigation due to the lack of crime and the presence of evidence. However, the owner feels unprotected and fears that the attacker will return.

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