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The Australian acrobat constantly falls, rolls and stumbles. But lands always elegant

It takes several attempts to make a video with “Fails”, and they cost real injuries.

In the middle of May, cutting of TikTok videos, in which a guy rolls over fences and benches, falls from trees and barns, makes flips and rolls off slopes, went off in social networks .

The hero of the commercials, 23-year-old Jimba Sands (Jiemba Sands) leads accounts on Instagram and TikTok , where he uploads videos with his own stunts. Compilations of his clips are gaining more than a million views.

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Sands told ABC radio publications, which makes circus acts and stunts from the age of three. He grew up in southern Tasmania (Australian state), his father professionally engaged in acrobatics, and his mother – dancing. Since childhood, the guy performs in the family band, Sands Circus.

Sands began making videos back in 12 years. However, he was surprised at his own popularity on the Internet: “I did not expect anything like this, the videos just became viral. I was just stunned. ”

The most popular Sands videos are tagged with #fail . He shared that sometimes it takes a whole day to shoot such videos, since the fall should look real. He performs most of the tricks by trial and error.

Let me tell you a secret. If you still do not understand, most of the “Fails” are made intentionally. I specifically train to fall without hitting. Sometimes I spend hours repeating [trick] time after time, until I have a perfect “fake”. Yes, there are risks, sometimes I get injured, but I love to do it

Many tricks look dangerous. However, according to the acrobat, he was accustomed to bruises, and his ankle was the worst injury. Now Sands has moved to Los Angeles and plans to expand his accounts.

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