Huawei was excluded from the SD association due to a conflict with the United States. The company will not be able to use SD memory cards in smartphones

But Huawei has a backup plan: it has been developing an alternative standard for several years.

Huawei was expelled from the SD Association, which controls the standards for SD products, including memory cards in smartphones. Having lost its membership in the alliance, the company will not be able to produce devices with support for SD-cards.

In a conversation with the Android Authority SD Association confirmed that it excluded Huawei due to US restrictions. The Chinese company noted that smartphones with microSD cards already released will not be affected. Huawei did not specify whether the support of the standard in any of the future devices.

As noted in 9to5Google, for Huawei, the exclusion from the association may not be a serious blow. The company for several years is gradually moving away from the use of SD-cards in their devices. Instead, Huawei switches to its own NanoMemoryformat , which is smaller than microSD cards and is comparable to nano-SIM.

The Nikkei also reported that Huawei was suspended from the Wi-Fi alliance because of US actions. In addition, the company voluntarily withdrew from JEDEC, an organization that sets standards for semiconductors. This means that the company will not have the right to vote in organizations until the situation changes.

Huawei’s conflict with the US government sharply escalated on May 16, when the US Department of Commerce put the company on the “black list”. Because of this, it may lose Android updates, Google services, chips from Intel, modems from Qualcomm and more.

According to media estimates , the components already received by Huawei will be enough to produce smartphones for a period of three months to a year. After that, the company will have to look for solutions from non-US companies or abandon the mobile business.

On May 21, the US authorities relaxed the ban and gave the company a 90-day license. Google also said that the restrictions will affect only new smartphones.

May 23 it became known that Huawei will lose the ability to produce their own Kirin processors for mobile devices. As it turned out, they were engaged in the development of the American ARM, and the Chinese company only bought the architecture under license.

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