RBC: Russian SIM cards with domestic cryptography will work on Samsung chips

The project on the use of Russian cryptography is being developed by the FSB.

Russian SIM cards with domestic cryptography, the sale of which can start from December 2019, will work on Samsung chips. About this RBC told a source in the company-manufacturer of telecom equipment and confirmed by two interlocutors in a major telecommunications operator and the industry association.

Alexander Knyazev, General Director of the Institute of Fine Mechanics and Computer Engineering named after S.A. Lebedeva (ITMiVT), confirmed that the organization has purchased Samsung chips. Now the organization is the only Russian developer of a ready-made solution for the use of domestic cryptography in cellular networks.

We continue the program of testing SIM-cards with domestic cryptographic algorithms. To do this, you need to buy chips, on which we put our operating system and crypto core. We talked to different manufacturers, Samsung offered the best price for a small batch and delivery time, and these chips are suitable for functional requirements.

Alexander KnyazevCEO ITMVT

Knyazev noted that there is no agreement that in future only Samsung chips should be used in trusted SIM cards.

FSB is developing a project on the use of Russian cryptography in cellular networks on behalf of the Security Council, writes RBC. On December 1, 2019, two orders of the Ministry of Communications will come into force, which will oblige operators to identify subscribers using cryptography, approved by the FSB. Security officials are also developing an order by which Russian encryption should be used in SIM cards, the publication noted.

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