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Pornhub released swimming trunks that help hide an erection on the beach

They are called Bonerless and cost 70 dollars.

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Pornhub presented swimming trunks that will help cope with a sudden erection. The Bonerless beach wear is equipped with a special padding that “will help with camouflage and hide an erection.” The order can be placed on the official website, the cost of swimming trunks is $ 70 (approximately 4,500 rubles at the current exchange rate).

According to the designers, not every man can look away, and certainly not everyone will be able to distract from obsessive thoughts, thinking, for example, about encyclopedias. It was for them that Bonerless was invented. This is a black bathing suit with the Pornhub logo: it is decorated with stripes on the sides and drawstring, it also has pockets.

A tight panty liner will hide any bulge below the waist. “Whether it is a bunch of half-naked bodies, a warm breeze that caught you at the right moment, or the reason is that your little friend lives his own life – it does not matter. The Bonerless Pornhub technology will stop the tide, ”the site says.

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