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Owner of killer whale “whale jail” refused to release them to the will of

This is “the blizzard that is carried in the press,” he specified.

Aleksey Reshetov, general director of the Afalina trap company, said he did not intend to voluntarily release mammals from the whale prison into the wild. About this reports RIA “News.”

What issue are we talking about? This is my property. I did not make the decision on release and I am not going to accept it. All rash statements about any possible release remain on the conscience of those who make these statements.Alexey ReshetovCEO Afalina

Reshetov also told reporters about the state of animals. According to him, 10 killer whales and 87 belugas are in good condition and are very happy for the people who work with them.

According to the agency, the Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk City Court rejected the petition of the White Whale LLC for the return of the claim from the Sakhalin environmentalists for the release of killer whales from the whale prison in Sredny Bay. Reshetov information about the decision to release a killer whale and the belug called “the blizzard, which is carried in the press.”

On October 24, 2018, Greenpeace found out that 13 killer whales from the “prison” want to sell to China. On November 16, 2018, the UK Primorsky Krai opened a criminal case under the article on the illegal extraction of aquatic bioresources.

February 22, Vladimir Putin ordered to decide the fate of animals, but over the following days, the decision was never taken. Greenpeace claims that one killer whale and three beluga whales died during the “confinement” period in the center of retention. According to the owners of the center, they managed to swim away, but the animal defenders are confident that the mammals have died, as they were the smallest and weakest individuals.

On February 28, it became known that the FSB had brought administrative cases to the organizers of the “whale prison” in Primorye. Actor Leonardo DiCaprio also joined the initiative to free animals – he signed a petition demanding the release of animals. On April 8, the head of Primorye promised to release all animals from the “whale prison” into the natural environment.

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