Architecture: Stone House

The inspiration for the architect was the rock necropolis of the 1st century AD.

Designer and architect Amey Kandalgaonkar (Amey Kandalgaonkar) designed theproject of a residential building made of concrete, arranged inside a separate rock. According to the author, the project should be considered as a modern rethinking of the architecture of the Madain-Salih necropolis, a UNESCO World Heritage site in Saudi Arabia, which includes 111 rock graves.

When I first saw images of rock tombstones, I realized that I must use them as a source of inspiration in an architectural project.

Amey Kandalgaonkar architect

He was particularly attracted by the integration of artificially created elements into objects created by nature. In the house he invented, the concrete frame is built into the rock as if it had grown out of it. The main part of the house is a wide rectangular living space open across the outside.

On the roof there is a terrace and a swimming pool, as well as a covered rest area. Another pool with a glass bottom, also located on the roof, as if hanging over the edge of the rock.

The architect said that he was trying to find a visual balance between the complex structure of the rock and the simple planes of concrete slabs. He also stressed that the real extent of the intervention can only be viewed from the air, whereas for an observer standing on the ground, the surface of the natural stone will be visible.

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