A tractor-shaped tractor assembled from MTZ parts appeared in Belarus

In Minsk, an unusual car was noticed – tractor – tractor with the logo “Belarus. Minsk Tractor Works.

An unusual car appeared in the capital – a Formula 1 car. Traktorobolid assembled from parts MTZ. The model is a kind of show car. He probably will not ride, according to

Traktorobolid is only an external body. Transmission and engine not. He is an exhibition sample. Excellent attracts attention and is suitable for interesting photo shoots. He will demonstrate on May 26 on the birthday of the plant. The site will be the main entrance to the MTZ. The event will take place from 11:00 to 14:00. This is the original younger brother of the transformer, which was presented in 2018. He probably will not be equipped with an engine and gearbox. In the future, perhaps, the plant will make a full-fledged car out of the car, representatives of MTZ said.

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