“Vedomosti”: MIA start testing-DVR camera with function of recognition of persons

They were developed by NtechLab, the creator of the service for searching VKontakte users from the FindFace photo.

MIA began testing cameras-DVRs with face detection function. They were presented by NtechLab, which developed a service for searching VKontakte users from FindFace photos. This was reported by Vedomosti.

  • Among the shareholders of NtechLab are Rostec’s subsidiary and the Ruben Vardanyan Foundation;
  • The device analyzes the image, highlights the faces of people and sends them via WiFi or cellular communication to the server, where the pictures are compared with the previously loaded databases. Information about the recognized faces of the camera displays on the back of the device;
  • Face recognition gadget can at a distance of from 3.5 to 4.5 meters;
  • An employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs said that if the tests are successful, the function of recognizing faces will appear on the registrars that are already used by the police;
  • In NtechLab believe that the camera can also be used to identify free-riders in transport and border controls.

In 2016, NtechLab introduced a service for searching VKontakte users from a FindFace photo and closed it in 2018. In September 2017, this system was connectedto the city network of video surveillance cameras in Moscow.

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