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The state channel in Alabama refused to show a series of children’s animated series “Arthur” about the marriage of same-sex animals

Despite the fact that same-sex marriages in the state are allowed from 2015.

A shot from the first series of the 22nd season of the animated series “Arthur”

The state television company Alabama Public Television in Alabama has refused to broadcast an episode of the children’s animated series “Arthur” about the same-sex wedding of heroes. This was reported edition of The Guardian.

Channel program director Mike Mackenzie considered that expressing love between same-sex characters was unacceptable for children. He said that the broadcast of the episode “would have undermined the trust of the parents in the channel:“ Children are allowed to watch APT without supervision. We know that children younger than the target audience of “Arthur” also watch the show ”.

The animated series for children from four to eight years old started in 1996. The show tells the story of the adventures of the nine-year anthropomorphic tube aquarium Arthur. In the episode, he and his classmates learn that their teacher, Mr. Rathburn, is planning a wedding. The children think that he was discussing his bride, but in the end it turns out that he is marrying Patrick’s aardvark. Present at the wedding, children and parents are happy surprise.

The American non-governmental LGBT organization GLAAD criticized the decision of the channel: “This is just homophobia.” Representatives of GLAAD believe that everyone deserves representation in their favorite shows, including LGBT families.

Same-sex marriage has been allowed in Alabama since 2015. According to the Gallup public opinion institute , it is the second most conservative state in the United States after the Mississippi. May 16 in Alabama passed a law prohibiting abortion at any stage of pregnancy.

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