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Meme: Giants vs you

In social networks shift everyday situations to fantasy art with dragons, giants, monsters and demons.

From the beginning of 2018, several fantasy artworks began to be used as structures for memes. Domestic situations shifted to pictures with giants, giants, colossi and other fantastic creatures. So the battle with the dragon turned into a hike to the refrigerator, and a meeting with the giant – to reinstall Windows.

For the first time such memes appeared in December 2017. Facebook user under the nickname Thin Lizzy took as a basis for art «Nightcrawler» by Boris Gro. In her version, the huge skeleton became “me at three o’clock in the morning”, and a small character – “raw pigtail”.

“I / Unfinished bottle of water near the bed at three in the morning”

“People above 180 cm / People below 180 cm”

“My cat / headphones hanging from the table”

“I / My phone with brightness at a maximum at one in the morning”

“I / Fast Food Workers / Extra Sauce”

“Windows Updates / My Time / My Patience”

“The thing I did in the third grade / I’m trying to sleep”

“A teacher who has a problem with a computer / student with glasses”

“I’m at 00: 01 / Some Chocolate from the Kitchen”

Some arts became more popular, others. For example, the work of “Guard” from the artist under the nickname wlop. The drawing as a joke was used on 4chan back in 2016, but after it was not remembered. With the growing popularity of memes about fantasy art, the picture “came to life”.

“FBI / Incognito Mode / My Weird Google Queries”

“I / I / Also I”

Art with a figure has become a recent popular template, where a demon-like figure conveys his sword to the “sovereign”. This is the work of artist David Franco, painted back in 2016. The picture was noticed on November 10 in the section Reddit r / memeeconomy, where they discuss the prospects of memes.

“I / Waiter / Password from Wi-Fi”

“Dead Celebrities / Reddit Users / F”

“I / My Dog / Snag She Found”

“Mom / I / Mom’s tolling phone”

The template is sold out among Russian-speaking users of social networks.

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