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Meme: Bowling Screen After Strike

Reddit remembered crazy screensavers and strange mascot that congratulate the player on the next strike.

In the middle of May, a meme spread to Reddit with a reference to animated videos from bowling clubs, which are played on screens hanging above the tracks after each strike.

On May 6, a YouTube user posted a video on the service entitled “Ten hours of shanty from the 1700s” (shanty is a genre of songs sung by British sailors, note TJ ). Under the roller with the pirate dancing near the tape recorder, they left a comment: “The screen is in bowling when you strike out a strike.” On May 20, a Reddit user posted a joke on subreddit / r / dankmemes.

None: / Screen in bowling when you strike a strike: 

In a few hours, memes, built on a single pattern, spread to other subreddits. At the joke also paid attention to the “VKontakte”. Users beat strange bowling screensavers with low-quality 3D images, strange gifs, as well as references to other memes.

Soon, users changed the pattern and began to publish random jokes about bowling centers.

Me: “I throw the ball too high” / Screen in bowling: 

When the bowling center hires you as an animator: “I will do weird shit”

I: * throw the ball into the gutter * / Screen in bowling: 

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