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Media: the Russian who climbed the Eiffel Tower, was sent to a psychiatric clinic

According to journalists, the man has suicidal tendencies.

The Paris police sent a citizen of Russia to a psychiatric clinic, who climbed onto the Eiffel Tower on May 20. This was reported by Le Figaro , citing the agency AFP, and BFM-TV , citing its own source.

According to media reports, the man found suicidal tendencies. He was placed in a clinic at the prefecture of the Paris police. In his regard, they began an investigation into the illegal entry into the territory of a cultural object.

On May 21, it became known that the man who had climbed the Eiffel Tower was a Russian citizen who had sought asylum in France. On May 20, he spent six hours on the tower, and the rescuers managed to persuade him to descend. The tower had to be temporarily closed, and more than 2.5 thousand visitors were evacuated.

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