iFixit: MacBook Pro 2016 and under should not be opened at an angle of more than 90 degrees

The problem was called Flexgate, and its cause was structural flaws in the MacBooks.

IFixit Photos

According to the iFixit website, MacBook Pro 2016 and later has a very short display backlight cable. Because of this, with a regular opening of the lid of the laptop at an angle of more than 90 degrees, it wears out quickly.

Recommendation not to open the computer at an angle greater than 90 degrees

Since the cable is part of the display design, the replacement costs $ 600, since the entire module must be replaced. users have launched a petition calling for Apple to change the warranty loop.

The first stage of the damaged screen – “effect spotlights”

Apple has not yet commented on the situation, but it is known that the thread on the official website’s forum on this issue has somehow disappeared .

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