Honor canceled interviews with top managers at a presentation in London amid a conflict between Huawei’s maternal and US authorities

Apparently, the company does not want to provoke new sanctions with possible answers from managers.

Honor canceled an interview with company president George Zhao and Honor Overseas marketing and sales director James Zhu. Top managers were going to answer questions from journalists during the presentation of the Honor 20 Series in London, but the interview was canceled at the last moment – the day before the event.

Even a few weeks before the event, Honor representatives asked not to ask the speakers questions about Huawei, because they are not directly connected with the parent company and are engaged in a separate direction. However, on May 16, the US Department of Commerce put Huawei on the “black list”, and two days before the event, Google broke off cooperation with the company.

Huawei is threatened with the loss of Android updates and deprivation of support for Google services, as well as problems with components: chips, modems and more. At the same time, the restrictions would affect not only Huawei itself, but also the companies associated with it. Because of this, on the eve of the presentation of journalists, the conflict of companies was much more interesting than the release of new smartphones.

However, the day before the event in Honor reported a complete cancellation of the interview. The exact reason for the decision is unknown: it could have been done in order not to shift the focus towards politics instead of presenting new devices, and at the same time as a precautionary measure.

Huawei and its Honor most likely decided, decided not to escalate the situation once again. Now the Chinese company is apparently negotiating with the US government and partners, and in such a situation, any careless or misunderstood statement can cause problems.

In addition, judging by the last days, the situation can clearly be resolved in favor of Huawei. In Google, soon after the first information about a break in cooperation , they explained that this would only affect new devices, but would not affect the smartphones that had already been released, and the US Department of Commerce gave the company 90 days of deferment of sanctions.

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