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George RR Martin called the new release date of the next book on “Game of Thrones” – by mid-2020 the year

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Writer George Martin set himself a new deadline for the penultimate part of the saga “A Song of Ice and Flame” – in the summer of 2020, he promised to present it at the Hugo Prize in New Zealand. There will be awarded the authors writing fantasy and science fiction.

Speak right – if I do not bring with them to New Zealand “The Winds of Winter”, will give an official written authorization to sign me to a small cabin in the White Island  Overlooking the lake of sulfuric acid until will finish.

From George Martin’s blog

The organizers of the award offered to pay for the writer’s journey to New Zealand, but Martin replied that he had enough money to fly there on his own. He noted that “many American writers, fans and artists do not have such an opportunity,” and suggested that the organizers take on board 20-50 other passengers instead.

The events of the Winter Winds are indirectly related to the plot of the sixth and seventh seasons of the series Game of Thrones. Presumably, the book may not have the Battle of Bastards – the central battle of the sixth season, and the overall plot may differ dramatically from what is happening in the HBO show. Initially, Martin, who will turn 71 in September, promised to release the piece in 2019 – eight years after the last part of the saga entitled “Dance with Dragons” was released.

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