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BBC announced the evening show c Putin-leading in 3D. The media called the idea controversial

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The animated president will chat with real guests. Some journalists and users of social networks have questioned such a talk show.

The BBC will launch a talk show titled “Evening with Vladimir Putin” (Tonight With Vladimir Putin), in which the animated 3D model of the Russian president will be the host. This press service of the channel said in her blog.

According to the channel, “everyone’s beloved world leader and fighter with bears” Putin will communicate with real guests, the first of which will be the press secretary of former British Prime Minister Alastair Campbell and journalist June Sarpong.

The text for Putin in a talk show is written and voiced by actor Natt Tapley. The channel has already prepared two program releases, but it is still unknown when it will air them.

Twitter users have responded ambiguously to the announcement of the channel about the launch of a talk show with Putin. Some of them felt that the channel wastes time, while others called the situation “depressive.”

The editor of iNews, Adam Shevrin, compared the BBC announcement with poisoning by “Novice” in Salisbury, because it’s also peaceful and positive for the UK. Journalist Huffington Post Ash Percival said that the new talk show channel “even stranger than it seems,” and suggested that the BBC B run out of ideas.

“Well, it looks … terrible.”

“Whose father signed it”

“* Photographs * – Yeah, it will go to my collection of disgust”

“How many good things the viewer will never see, because instead of them you order it”

“Have we not yet suffered enough?”

“It is depressing. What happened to the BBC? You relied on Channel 4, doing any investigative journalism against Russian intervention in the UK … and responding to this? ”

“By the way, why the Greek voiced him with a pronounced accent”

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