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Art: Characters “Game of Thrones” in the style of “Soyuzmultfilm”

The artist from Syktyvkar turned Arya into a hare from “Well, wait a minute”, Tirion – into Carlson, and Daenerys – into Cheburashka.

Here and below – the author’s comments: “The Chubby and the sage Winnie the Pooh is an almost perfect candidate for the role of Sam Tarley. 
And his bosom friend Piglet – of course, John Snow “

On May 20, the final series “Games of Thrones” was released. The last season of one of the main TV shows of our time was controversial – more than a million fans even signed a petition to retake the latest episodes. Against this background, the author from Syktyvkar Prokopy Ulyashov using artov presented a re- filming of the saga with the characters of Soviet cartoons instead of actors.

In the version of Ulyashov, John Snow became Piglet, Daenerys with her dragon – Cheburashka and Gena, and Tirion with his nephew Joffrey – Carlson and the Kid. The author published the art on “Peekaboo”, and from there they went to social networks.

Ulyashov, who works at the Youth Library of the Komi Republic, told TJ about his work and plans for the second part of the Game of Thrones and Soyuzmultfilm crossover.

I love the Soviet animation I grew up on, and, of course, the Game of Thrones. The series definitely can be called the main television event of the decade.

At some point it seemed funny to combine the incompatible and make such a series of works. The idea came a long time ago, I made the first couple of sketches back in 2015. But then, for various reasons, the idea fell into the back office.

During the creation of pictures, he even wondered how well some characters fit together. I believed in the success of this series of illustrations, but did not think that it would be so big. Now I undertake to create the second part of the work. There is still a field of heroes on both sides.

Prokopy Ulyashov author of art

Everyone knows that Varis is really a mermaid. 
And in the version of “Soyuzmultfilm” Varis – water.
Everything is logical!

Essos, Essos … We were not on any Essos! 
We are well fed here! 
The Cat from the Return of the Prodigal Parrot is the psychological counterpart of King Robert Baratheon.

Cheburashka – the only one of its kind, the last representative of the dynasty. 
Just like Daenerys. 
Well, since Daenerys is the mother of dragons, why can’t the fem-version of Cheburashka become the mother of crocodiles?

Baby as Joffrey Baratheon and Carlson as Tirion Lannister. This Carlson’s dependence is not at all on the jam, and the games of the Kid are not so harmless …
The ice hockey players of the Meteor and Vympel cartoon clubs closely associated with the world of ice are ideal candidates for the role of the army of the dead. 
And their eerie goalkeeper with a mask instead of a face – well, what is not the King of the Night?

We start with the Wolf and the Hare from “Well, wait a minute!”, Which very organically turned into Sandora “Dog” by Clegan and Arya Stark

The weather was terrible, the princess was beautiful … Do you remember such a cartoon? 
In my opinion, this couple ideally fit into the archetype of the relationship of Sansa Stark and Ramsey Bolton!

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