Police charged the Christchurch terrorist charges. He attacked two mosques and killed 51 people.

He faces life imprisonment.

wo mosques in Christchurch to Brenton Tarrant. This is reported on the site office.

According to a statement by the New Zealand police, now Tarranta is accused on three counts: terrorism, the killing of 51 people and the attempted murder of another 40. The police said that the investigation was ongoing.

On March 15, a man with a weapon attacked two mosques in the city of Christchurch in New Zealand. He rushed inside and arranged the shooting – 51 people became victims of the terrorist attack, another 48 people were injured. 28-year-old Brandon Tarrant – while the only suspect in the attack. He was arrested shortly after the attack, he faces life imprisonment.

On April 12, New Zealand imposed a ban on the turnover of assault and semi-automatic rifles, as well as ammunition for them. On April 15, in New Zealand, six people were brought to trial for spreading a video of the terrorist attack on a mosque made by Tarrant.

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