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Unknown attacked Arnold Schwarzenegger at a sports festival in South Africa

A black man in a jump hit the actor with two feet in the back.

The incident occurred on May 18 during the Arnold Classic Africa fitness festival in the South African city of Sandton, reports Sandton Chronicle . Schwarzenegger co-founded the bodybuilding contest Arnold Classic back in 1988 and came to the festival in South Africa as a guest.

The actor and former governor of California watched the jumps from the table, then got up and decided to record a video on the front camera of the smartphone. He probably commented on what was happening, and turned his back to the hall.

At that moment, an unknown man abruptly ran out from the other part of the hall and, in a jump, struck with two legs into Schwarzenegger’s back. In the video, it is not clear what happened next to the actor (apparently, at least he fell from the blow), but the attacker was tied up by the guards and brought under his inarticulate cries.

In the video after 0:56

The published video shows that Schwarzenegger later returned to the table, and a little later, together with the people who accompanied him, left the festival. Whether this was a forced departure and how badly he was hurt is unclear, but later the actor posted on Twitter a video from a meeting with fans in Sandton.

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