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As in 2001, Keanu Reeves gave an autograph to a 16-year-old fan in Sydney

Do not regret for this ice cream.

Keanu Reeves as Neo in The Matrix, 1999

“In honor of“ John Wick 3 ”I have a story about Keanu Reeves”

“Keanu once came to the cinema in which I worked in Sydney in 2001. He was involved in filming the “Matrix” trilogy at the time. It was a quiet Wednesday morning – almost no one goes to the movies at this time. ”

“I work at the cash register, I miss the hell out of here, and suddenly a man comes in jeans, a leather jacket and a helmet for horse riding. Straight in a wild fully closed helmet like a rider. It really took me 30 seconds to get away from the helmet and realize that it was Keanu Reeves “

“He wants to buy a ticket to“ From Hell ”, a film with Johnny Depp. I am so amazed by them that, like any 16-year-old teenager with feelings, I invite him to take advantage of my employee discount. This means that he needs to sign on my plate, and so I will get his autograph. ”

““ I don’t work here, ”says Keanu, apparently embarrassed by my offer. I was worried and just took a regular price from him, regretting that I did not get his autograph. ”

“2 minutes later I was knocked on the back door of the cashier. I think that my manager has come – and this is Keanu. ”

““ I was thinking here that you probably wanted to get my autograph, so I signed this, ”he says, and hands me a check from the sideboard, which he signed on the back. And then, as if nothing had happened, throws the ice cream cone into the trash and goes to watch his movie. ”

“Only later I realized that he bought a cone of ice cream, which he didn’t want, just to get a piece of paper with a check and scribble an autograph on it for a 16-year-old idiot”

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