Apple decorated the new campus with a rainbow in honor of the official opening of the headquarters and in memory of Steve Jobs

The rainbow scene designer was Joni Ive.

Apple Stage Photos from twitter @iMuggle

Apple decorated Apple Park with a rainbow in honor of the formal opening of the new headquarters and co-founder of the company Steve Jobs. They arranged a celebration for the employees, where Lady Gaga was invited to speak. This was reported by MacRumors and Cult of Mac with reference to Apple employees.

“We are gathered together today, in the house that you came up with for us and celebrate your spirit. We love you, Steve “

The rainbow scene appeared in the center of Apple Park as early as May 8, but the staff did not know what it was intended for. On May 18, Apple announced on the intranet that Lady Gaga will perform on stage.

“Lady Gaga announced in the internal network of Apple”

Speech by Lady Gaga at Apple Park

The stage designer was Joni Ive and his team. The development of sketches took several months. The project was named Apple Stage and is made of 30 components, specially processed for easy assembly and disassembly, but consists of more than 25 thousand parts. In a recent interview, Ive explained the importance of rainbow for Apple culture.

[The scene] has a resonance with our rainbow logo, which has been a part of our identity for many years. Rainbow is a positive and joyful expression of some of our values. And I think one of the main reasons why the idea so immediately resonated with us is the form – the connection from the point of view of aesthetics. Semicircle so naturally combined with the ring.
Johnie iveApple’s vice president of design

In addition, rainbow covered stairs stairs, floors and coffee cups in a local cafe. Employees also received badges with the old Apple rainbow logo and the message “thank you for being part of what Apple is doing Apple.”

Photos from twitter @ pinar747

MacRumors Photos

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