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“Aeroflot” denies the findings of the error of the crew SSJ100

The company claims that they can only be made by official investigating authorities.

The report of the Federal Air Transport Agency, on the basis of which the media made conclusions about the violation of instructions by the SSJ100 pilots of flight SU1492, in fact does not contain information about the crew’s mistakes, said Aeroflot. Previously reported by RIA “News”.

According to the agency, “according to the document, the crew did not release spoilers, contrary to the instructions.” According to the company, their release was not possible.

The flaps were in a position consistent with the landing procedure and in accordance with the existing system failure. In addition, according to the procedure, the reverse is switched on first, and then on a steady run along the runway, spoilers are produced. Therefore, in view of the absence of a stable path, the release of the interceptors was impossible.

It is necessary to add that the requirements for airworthiness standards for certification of airplanes are designed in such a way as to prevent the situation from deteriorating to catastrophic in any event.

Aeroflot press service

The company called the media reports about the pilot’s error “an innuendo, not relevant, including journalistic ethics.” On the possible errors of pilots, citing sources close to the investigation, on Wednesday, May 15, wrote Kommersant.

On the evening of May 17, the Interstate Aviation Committee reported on the completion of the decoding of the “black boxes” of the burnt “Superjet”. While their contents are not disclosed.

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