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A former player of the US national basketball team said that before the 2004 Olympics, he cheated on a doping test using an artificial penis.

True, the same athlete a little earlier claimed that he had slept with two thousand women.

Two-time NBA champion and OI-2004 bronze medalist Lamar Odom, in his memoirs, admitted that he had got to the Games in Athens, faking the results of the doping test. To trick the drug test, the athlete allegedly used an artificial penis.

Lamar Odom Says He Used a Prosthetic Penis to Pass …Former NBA star Lamar Odom says he used a penny test in … BLEACHERREPORT.COM

According to the basketball player, he was called by the federation of the USA national team and informed that an officer WADA would soon come to his house. Odom panicked because in the summer of 2004 he “smoked marijuana every day.” The basketball player claims that he was helped by ingenuity and several requests to Google.

I panicked. We began to google different ways to circumvent testing and found “fake genitals.” We ordered one such device for the house, and it was brought the next day.Lamar OdomUS national team player at the 2004 Olympics

According to Odom, he used urine from a trainer. The basketball player said that he unzipped his jeans, stuck a fake penis there and passed the test. The doping officer, standing a stone’s throw away, did not notice anything. Odom went to the 2004 Games as part of the US team.

In his memoirs, a basketball player who, during his career, participated in the reality show “The Kardashian Family”, made many other bright statements that are difficult to verify. For example, Odom said that for the life he slept with two thousand women.

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