US authorities confirmed the third case of a fatal Tesla crash using autopilot

The driver removed his hands from the steering wheel almost immediately after activating the system.

During a fatal accident in Florida on March 1, 2018, the autopilot was turned on in the Tesla Model 3. The driver and the system did not try to avoid a collision. This was reported by Reuters, referring to the preliminary report of the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB).

According to the ministry, the driver activated the system 10 seconds before the collision and released his hands from the steering wheel 8 seconds before the accident. Investigators found that Tesla was traveling at a speed of 109 kilometers per hour, although there was a limit of 89 kilometers per hour on the road.

In Tesla, they said that the driver immediately removed his hands from the steering wheel after activating the autopilot, and the rest of the time they did not activate the system. Representatives of the company noted that with proper use and the willingness of drivers to take control of the autopilot is safer than driving without it.

The incident is also investigating the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Unlike the NTSB, the ministry is able to request a review of the machines if it finds sufficient grounds for this.

In July 2016, Tesla reported the first fatal crash involving autopilot. Then the driver and the system did not see the truck with high ground clearance.

After that, March 28, 2018 there was one more event in Mountain View, California. Then the driver hit a bump stop and the car caught fire.

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