Touch ID can return to iPhone. There is proof

In 2017, Apple showed the iPhone X – the first smartphone without Touch ID. It is interesting that the company considered the option of introducing a fingerprint scanner into this device.

The United States Patent Office published a May 23, 2016 Cupertinian application . It is called “An electronic device that includes a mask with a pinhole above an optical image sensor, an adjoining light source and associated methods of operation.”

The essence of the patent is to equip the iPhone screen with a large number of tiny holes that allow light to pass to the optical image sensor. The reflected light passes through the holes to the optical sensor and is used to obtain a fingerprint.

Display cross section

It was planned to place holes between the pixels on the display panel so that the user would not notice them. And an additional source of infrared light would help scan the print.

Below are prototype test images that show the concept of working with text and lines up to the micron level. This is enough to recreate fingerprints.

It is possible that Apple will introduce a similar technology in the screens of new iPhones. The network has long been saying that the company wants to make 2 options for identification: by finger and face. [ ]

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