Headset first, then case: Reddit user explores how AirPods are charged

And made a visual diagram of the whole process.

Reddit user under the pseudonym Colinstatler analyzed how the second generation AirPods are charged. For testing, he used a version without wireless charging and a standard power supply from an iPhone for 5 watts.

Colinstatler has made visual charts for headphones and a case. He found out that the AirPods themselves first start charging: this happens most intensively in the first 3.5 minutes. The process is “accelerated” by the power of 2.35 watts.

AirPods charging schedule User image of colinstatler with Reddit

After that, the power drops by half, and by the 10th minute the headphones are already half charged. The case begins to charge normally only after 20 minutes, when the charge level of the AirPods themselves reaches 90%. Prior to this, almost all of the energy goes into the headphones, but until they are charged with 20% the case does not receive a charge.

Headphones are fully charged in 30 minutes, although most of the charge is received in the first 20 minutes. In the remaining 10 minutes more energy is given to the case.

According to Colinstatler, the case at the beginning also receives a charge at an increased power of 1.43 watts. At the same time, if you open the case, he will also receive “acceleration” of charging for a few minutes. Charging the case to 100% took 2 hours, provided that the AirPods were discharged to zero.

As the user of Reddit noted, it took more than 2.5 watt-hours of electricity to charge the AirPods, with the capacity of three batteries (one each in the headphones and the case itself) at 1.7 watt-hours. Colinstatler also came to the conclusion that there is no point in using AirPods to use powerful power supplies to charge the AirPods – the case and the headphones in any case will receive no more than 2.5 watts of energy.

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