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Died Grumpy Cat – one of the most famous cats of the Internet

Forever dissatisfied with the cat, which became a meme, was seven years old. Now for her mourn in social networks.

On May 17, in the official Twitter account of the cat-meme Grumpy Cat, it was announced that on May 14, the animal died at the age of seven at the hands of its mistress Tabata Bundesen. According to the owners, the cat has complications after a recent urinary tract infection.

“Grumpy Cat has helped millions of people around the world smile – even in difficult times. Her spirit will continue to live with fans around the world, ”the message says.

Grumpy cat (real nickname – Tardar Sauce) became famous in 2012, when the hostess’s brother published a photo of a cat on Reddit. Users liked the sullen expression of the muzzle, and the image became a meme. Grumpy cat has gained immense popularity around the world, including in Russia.

Just put me on the ground

In addition to the standard pictures with captions, the cat was actively made the heroine of art and fotozhab. In 2013, 30 artists from the United States launched aproject called The Grumpy Cat Art Project. Based on the image of the cat, they made sculptures and painted pictures.

For seven years, Grumpy Cat has a lot of fans – over 10 million people signed on its instagram, facebook and twitter. She became the heroine of the biggest media materials, she was called to various morning and evening shows, she became the face of cat food and even starred in a Christmas movie. According to media reports, Grumpy Cat brought tens of millions of dollars to their owners.

In the comments, subscribers began to mourn for the animal.

In social networks, said goodbye to the famous cat, whose photos became the basis for hundreds of memes.

She was the best of us. rest in peace

It all started with this picture. THIS HELLO PICTURE! Why did Grumpy Cat have to die?

RIP Grumpy Cat, I was lucky to see you in London

Thanks for the laughs, memes and just for being a cool cat.

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