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250 million dollars for the economy and a vacation for the sake of the series: how “Game of Thrones” changed Northern Ireland

Show that turned the life of the whole country.

250 million dollars for the economy and a vacation for the sake of the series: how “Game of Thrones” changed Northern Ireland


About 75% of the filming of “Game of Thrones” took place in Northern Ireland and near this country. For several years, the authorities have taken advantage of this, turning places and scenery into tourist facilities. And, of course , they will not stop doing this even after the final episode, which will be released on the night of May 20th.

Since 2009, the economy of Northern Ireland has received more than $ 250 million and thousands of jobs thanks to the “Game of Thrones”, emphasizes the Los Angeles Times. TJ chose the most important of the material in the publication, describing Belfast as “one of the most important centers of the entertainment industry in Europe.”

  • The Game of Thrones has changed the image of Northern Ireland beyond its borders. According to local residents, if earlier their country often causedassociations only with the history of sectarian violence and nationalists, now its discussion almost always comes down to the show;
  • Thanks to the “Game of Thrones” in the Northern Ireland, the film and television industry has developed at a tremendous pace, local specialized agencies say. Before the first season of the series, there were no full-time movie studios in the country, notes the LA Times;
  • The centerpiece of the first four seasons was Paint Hall Studio, located on the site of the shipyard (the scenery for the Titanic was also created there). She remembered the creators of the show as “untidy and unpleasant” building, which won only due to the high ceilings – this allowed to contain all the equipment. Paint Hall later became part of Titanic Studios, the country’s largest studio;
  • Northern Ireland has attracted interest from other major projects. HBO will remove in this country the pilot of the prequel “Game of Thrones”. Syfy made here a “ Krypton ” about the life of a planet with which Superman hails. Locals especially love the series “ Girls from Derry ”, which is directly related to the problems of their country;
  • In 2018 alone, 350,000 tourists visited Northern Ireland, bringing a total of at least $ 64 million to the local economy, according to the LA Times;
  • Tourists often bring discomfort to the locals. For example, the authorities in Antrim County temporarily blocked the road for traffic after the first episode of the second season flashed “the road in Västerås” – this is actually just an alley of beech trees;
  • “Tourist boom” is clearly expressed in the most non-obvious places. One of the locals owns a pair of Inuit dogs named Thor and Odin: these are lyuvovolki, which Starks children sheltered at the beginning of the first season. The owner of pets allows tourists to meet with them in the forest for about $ 65 (4,200 rubles);
  • During the filming of “Game of Thrones” about 13 thousand residents of Northern Ireland became extras. Minor supporting roles have led many to a new lifestyle. For example, residents of the country massively took leave from their main jobs in order to work on the filming of the next season;
  • The LA Times calls many residents “extremely loyal roles.” For example, some extras playing members of the Night Watch, participated in the show from the pilot and until recent seasons. The publication also cites the example of a local resident and photographer of the show, Helen Sloan, whose mother worked at a seamstress show, and her daughter played a child in the vision of Deineris and Khal Droi in the second season. “The film crew, like the heroes of the series, has gone through marriages, divorces, deaths, the birth of children and their loss,” Sloan said.
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