Wicked Ball – a ball that plays with pets

People for games are no longer needed.

Cheerble has created a ball for cats and dogs, which itself plays with animals. As planned by the authors, Wicked Ball will entertain animals when their owners are not at home or they are occupied.

Wicked Ball is equipped with an ARM Corter-M0 processor for processing algorithms and a six-axis motion tracking device, as well as motors for movement. The ball can roll, jump and blink, attracting the attention of animals.

He also understands when a pet is tired and disconnects. In addition, the toy is made of special materials that are safe for chewing and biting.

Cheerble raised money for a production device via Kickstarter. The campaign wassuccessful: the authors collected 284 thousand dollars instead of the required 20 thousand and launched the toy into mass production. Now anyone can buy a Wicked Ball: a ball without delivery to Russia will cost about 2,000 rubles.

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