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The US Department of Commerce decided to put Huawei on the “black list”

The list also includes 70 related companies.

The US Department of Commerce announced the decision to include the Chinese company Huawei and 70 related companies in the “black list”, reports Reuters. After that, Huawei will not be able to buy components and technologies of American manufacturers without the permission of the United States.

The decision will take effect “in the coming days.” It touches including the Android operating system from Google, which uses Huawei, noted The Washington Post. In March, Huawei said that they had made their own operating system in case of problems with Windows and Android due to a conflict with the United States.

Unnamed representatives of the US government told Reuters that the decision would make it difficult, “if it does not make it impossible,” to sell some Huawei products due to dependence on US suppliers.

How did the relationship between Huawei and the American authorities deteriorate

  • In August 2018, the United States passed the updated National Defense Act, under which Huawei products were banned from use in government departments. US senators said devices threaten the security of the country;
  • In December 2018, the financial director of the company Meng Wangzhou was detained in Canada on suspicion of violating US trade sanctions against Iran. She was suspected of transporting devices to Iran and receiving money through a subsidiary;
  • In January 2019, Huawei fired an employee who was detained in Poland on suspicion of espionage. The company said it acted independently;
  • On January 29, the US Department of Justice accused Huawei of industrial espionage and technology theft. According to the report, the company was engaged in money laundering, trading in trade secrets, and bank fraud;
  • In February 2019, Trump called on European partners to abandon Huawei’s 5G technology in their networks because of a security threat.

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