In Japan, began testing the fastest passenger express

It can accelerate to 400 kilometers per hour without passengers.

In Japan, began to test the new super-fast train Alfa-X, created in Kawasaki Heavy Industries and Hitachi. He is able to accelerate to 400 kilometers per hour, but will carry passengers at 360 kilometers per hour.

The train is about to start in 2030. All the time before it will be tested, including checking during night trips. The Alfa-X 20-meter aerodynamic nose, which minimizes the pressure and reduces the noise from the train, will pass individual tests. Also during testing, check the air brake on the roof and magnetic brakes at the bottom of the composition.

After commissioning, the Alfa-X will be considered the fastest passenger high-speed train in the world. His closest competitor is the Shanghai Maglev , but he drives with magnetic levitation. In 2027, Japan also plans to launch Muggle-road between Tokyo and Nagoya, trains on which can travel at speeds up to 505 kilometers per hour.

In 2020, for the Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan will replace the existing Shinkansen trains with new versions. They will drive 300 kilometers per hour, but they will become lighter, more energy efficient and more comfortable.

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