Apple has released a bokeh portrait mode with bokeh for iPhone 7 Plus

On September 21, Apple released the first beta version of iOS 10.1 for developers. The “Portrait” mode for iPhone 7 Plus appeared in it, which the company promised to add to the device “later”. Netizens and mass media immediately began to publish the first test images taken using this function.

The “Portrait” mode is exclusive for the iPhone 7 Plus, since it requires two cameras to work. With their help, the device constitutes a three-dimensional model of objects in the frame, after which it programmatically adds a bokeh effect, simulating the behavior of lenses of SLR cameras.

As noted by 9to5Mac , the function works within 2.4 meters. The phone automatically notifies if the subject is too far or too close.

Despite the fact that Apple showed “Portrait” only in the photos of people, it works without any problems on any other objects. Each time you press the trigger, two photos are saved: one with bokeh and the other without.

Currently, the “Portrait” function is in beta testing mode for developers. To gain access to it, ordinary owners of 7 Plus will have to wait for the full release of iOS 10.1 or the release of the first public beta of iOS 10.1 Beta 1.

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