Yandex renamed Moscow metro stations in honor of local centers of attraction – museums, theaters, shops and parks

For example, Okhotny Ryad station turned into the Bolshoi Theater, Oktyabrskaya – into Gorky Park, and Kutuzovskaya into the Fomenko Theater.

Map of the Moscow Metro according to the Yandex version, fragment

In Yandex, they presented what the Moscow Metro map would look like if the stations were named after local centers of gravity – locations that they are trying to reach through these stations. In order to find such places, we used data about requests to Yandex.Maps, set near metro halls.

For each station on the map, a separate top organizations and sights were compiled according to the total number of requests, then they filtered out these tops in order to find places for which interest is specific to each particular station.

The stations for which there were no pronounced centers of attraction were found in gray on the map. The map on the Yandex blog is interactive – you can click on each name to see the original name of the station and the top places collected for it.


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