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“Sink with ramen”: Chinese “repairs” plumbing and furniture with the help of noodles, cookies and eggs

To repair the table the master requires glue, sandpaper and some crackers.

At the beginning of May, a video was sold on social networks, on which a man “mends” a broken shell with instant noodles: he put food in a crack, sprinkled it with spices, with the help of emery paper shaped and covered with white enamel. In other videos, the hero is not limited to noodles and uses eggs, cookies, rice and tobacco to repair.

The author of the video is a user under the nickname Xiubandrng , who maintains an account in the Doyin application. This is the Chinese version of TikTok, access to it cannot be obtained from Russia. In his videos, he repairs plumbing, furniture, musical instruments and cars, often using a variety of food as a sealing material.

The clip with the “noodle sink” gained popularity on Twitter and on Reddit. Users discussed the fragility of the design and joked that it was possible to brew “Doshirak” right in the sink, simply by turning on the water.

“Wait until he turns on the hot water and his sink turns into lunch.”

“At least he added spices”

Everything is good, go to bed, the shell of ramen does not exist.

Ramen Sink:Clocktease user

On Reddit , they suggested that the author actually fills the gap with some kind of building material, sprinkles noodles to the present, and then mounts the roller.

In addition to the sink, the creator of the rollers with the help of noodles “repaired” a few more items – a plate, two tables and a car bumper.

In addition to noodles, the author of the rollers “mending” wooden furniture with other food — cookies, chips, rice, and an egg. But sometimes it also uses inedible materials: laundry detergent or tobacco.

In addition to the crazy video with food, the author also puts videos with the usual repair of household appliances. For example, he repaired the toilet in the same way as a sink from the popular gif, but without instant noodles.

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