San Francisco authorities have banned the use of face recognition systems in the city. This is the first such ban in the United States.

Other American cities are already considering the introduction of similar laws.

The authorities of San Francisco (California) have banned police and other departments to use face recognition systems in the city. This was reported edition of The New York Times.

The city council decree prohibits the use of both the technology itself and information obtained from external systems that use the technology. At the same time, the ban will not affect face recognition systems used by private companies.

The decree also includes a provision whereby city departments are required to obtain approval before acquiring new surveillance equipment. They were allowed to continue to use the equipment they already had, including police cameras and license plate readers.

San Francisco became the first American city where they decided to abandon the technology that the police use to search for suspects. Today, facial recognition systems are installed at airports, large stadiums and US police stations.

Civil liberty advocates fear that the government may abuse technology and conduct total surveillance of citizens. The cities of Auckland and Somerville (Massachusetts) are also considering imposing such bans.

In 2018, the police used technology to find a suspect in the shooting of The Capital newspaper. At the same time, singer Taylor Swift used the face recognition system in her concert to track down her secret pursuers.

In 2017, facial recognition technology began to be used in Russia. In Moscow, installed 160 thousand surveillance cameras. Access to the facial recognition system have 16 thousand police officers and government agencies.

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